Derek Tillotson


I, like most people, feel rather unremarkable. I grew up in a small Minnesotan town where I was bored out of my mind much of the time. Then I went to college in a still-pretty-small Minnesotan town where I got a Political Science degree, which didn't take much effort on my part. I originally planned to go to law school, but in my senior year, I decided "Nah, I'm going to write about video games for money." I did that for about six months until I moved halfway across the country to a huge city for a job.

College fails to teach students a lot of things, but one of the biggest misses is: You need to put much more effort into a career than you do an undergrad degree. I was fired in under three months.

Needing money, I took a job in retail. And in many ways, I became stuck there. Not just in the sense of being unable to find another job (the offers I've had either felt like terrible fits or involved a big pay decrease). But it was also in the sense of life. I started becoming too emotionally attached to my job, dependent on social media for personal connections, and I let my health take a dive. I don't know if I hit my rock bottom, but there were many nights I found myself lying on the floor, wondering what the hell I was doing.

But there was one act I've always had in my adult life that made me feel good: Writing. At my happiest moments, I would journal, blog, or write fiction. Even when I didn't share the things with the world, I would at least be writing the things. I've had numerous blogs, but they were flashy WordPress things and I got too distracted with making them look nice. Time after time, I fell victim to wanting to get my name out there and be noticed, and each time it frustrated me to the point where I would stop writing. That would lead to more nights on the floor.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to give it one more real go. And that's what you see now. This time, my site is basic HTML and CSS--nothing fancy. There are no comment boxes, email lists (though maybe some day, I don't know), or rants. This site is all about me sharing what I've learned about life and trying to help myself. And if you take something positive away from your visit, that's a wonderful bonus.

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