Derek Tillotson

Failing and Failures

The internet tends to over-romanticize failure. Well, the internet does a lot of things, but one of the trendy ones is to over-romanticize failure.

It's not necessarily a terrible thing. We fail. Show me a person who has never failed and I'll show you someone who is going to crash harder than we've ever seen. I've had my share of failures: I've been fired. I've been dumped. I've found myself lying on the floor wondering where the hell I went wrong with my life and wondering what the hell I'm doing next.

The thing about failure is: Although it's an inevitability in life, that doesn't mean we shouldn't work our asses off to avoid it.

But sometimes you screw up and you fail. The tough part is to avoid adopting the failure mindset. Once you reach that transformation, you go from being someone who has failed, to someone who is a failure. That starts to eat away at your confidence. And it murders your ambition. Being a failure is a rut that's incredibly difficult to come out of.

The easiest way to avoid it? Don't fail. But when you do, find the best way to bounce back, mentally and emotionally. Do it quickly.

Written August 16, 2020

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